It’s my dog’s birthday!

She just turned 1. Well, 10.5 in dog years. 

We’ve prepared a little something for her since she’s like my first pet. Ever.

I was to buy her a cake but then, I decided to just buy on the 27th because that was when I actually had her.

Well, she likes spaghetti SAUCE. And popcorn is her favorite. Believe it or not, she eat chips as well. Piattos pa nga. But since it’s her birthday, Lay’s ang pinabili ko. Para damay na din ako. :D Plus ice cream, she loooves it! The nachos and GSM are for my consumption. Haha!

And HBO is showing Hachiko right now. I forever love that movie. Perfect for Lili’s birthday and also because she’s partly Shiba Inu. Hachiko is an Akita Inu. :)

I stand corrected @imlazy. I know for a fact that the real Hachiko was an Akita. I thought the one that starred in this was a Shiba. Anyways, it’s the same family. The difference is just the size. Hehe. Thanks. :)